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Electro Mechanics

Project consultancy and wide production range. Athena is a complete technical partner, a single supplier to optimise time and resources, while always having maximum performance and reliability.

Customer needs

A market that thrives on absolute performance and reliability needs supplies that are technically solid and reliable, advanced logistics systems, consistent production and special small batches.

Why choose Athena Industries

1) Optimisation of time and resources: at Athena, every client has a one-stop shop for technical and project advice, as well as for production development.
2) More choice, more flexibility – a complete partner, with 10 facilities and a state-of-the-art logistics system to manufacture and manage a huge number of products and components.

Areas of Application

Gate openers, automation and domotics, garage entrances, electric motors, gearboxes, oil immersed transformers, resin transformers, air transformers, accumulators, batteries, lighting, lamps, generators, UPS, actuators, tooling machines, garage equipment, tools.

Building Quality

Design, production, consultancy and assistance. Our objective is continually higher quality. To give you products that help you to be even more competitive. And deliver services that are even more simple, rapid and accurate.

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