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Asbestos Free Materials


Asbestos-free materials are sealing products with different compositions. They are generally made of aramid fibre, reinforced with mineral fibres, inorganic materials and rubber. Athena offers various solutions that differ in mechanical and chemical stability, resistance to high temperatures and mouldability, depending on the client's particular requirements.


The ideal seals for gas and fluid, Athena produces a complete range of materials to respond to very different applications depending on the parameters required: flexibility, resistance to high temperatures and high pressure, chemical and mechanical resistance.


Depending on the chosen material, they are used in the automotive field, compressors, engine spare parts and engineering industry in general, such as gaskets for engines, transmissions, hydraulics and seals for fuel, fuel mixes, antifreeze and corrosion inhibitors, solvents and alkaline solutions. These materials can also be used for plumbing and heating systems.

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Engine gaskets | Gaskets for agricultural machines | Compressor Gaskets | Pneumatic Gaskets | Flange gaskets | Hydraulic gaskets | Transmission gaskets

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