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Stainless steel coil


Steels that contain chromium (between 12% and 30%), nickel (up to 35%) and other alloys. These elements have two functions: making the steel shiny but, above all, protecting it from the attack of atmospheric agents, gases and corrosive acids. Chromium is particularly capable of passivation, i.e. oxidising to form an invisible layer that acts as a protective coating for the metal against external corrosion.


- Very high structural resistance. - High resistance to corrosion and all kinds of environmental aggression. - 4-times less heat conductivity than aluminium. - Modulus of elasticity 3 times higher than that of aluminium. - Simply to clean - 100% recyclable with no limits


AISI 302-303-304-316 grades find applications in the drinking water and food sectors. Pipes and tanks in oil refineries and chemical plants. Surgical equipment and instruments. Very common in the production of cookware, cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Metal coils

Products made with this material

Discs for multi-disc brakes and clutches | Ring Gauges to regulate slacks | Valve Plates and Valve Bars for compressors | Orbital Engine Collectors and Yokes | Brackets, U-Bolts and Flanges | Swing Check Valves with Counterweights | Bonded seals

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