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A great human capital

Technological innovation is critical. But even more important is that of ideas. For this reason, Athena has always invested in people. Our success is the result of their passion for their work. The will to improve and to get involved. To create new opportunities. To grow around the Athena Group.

List of people

Giovanni L. Mancassola


"Looking beyond the borders of now"

We have forty years’ history behind us. But our best is yet to come. If we are where we are today, it is because we have never stopped to look over our shoulders, but kept our eyes firmly fixed on the future.

Erardo Ratzenbeck

Chief Executive Officer

“Our best product? Client satisfaction”

I have never believed that our mission was simply making and selling products, however functional, beautiful or innovative. I am convinced that at the base of our success is our ability to create satisfied clients.

Alessandro Tomasi

General Manager Industries

"The supply chain that creates value"

Constantly improving our supply chain to give our clients more added value. We dialogue with them to really get to know their production needs and offer them solutions that are always the most suitable. For them we search worldwide for the most innovative technologies, the best-performing raw materials and the top products. Careful selection, to deliver guaranteed quality, the most competitive price and respected delivery dates – each and every time.

Agostino Sinico

Sales Manager

“Passion and discipline in pursuit of new milestones”

I adore challenge; I am never content with goals achieved and always try to go further. I feel like a captain setting out on one journey after another, exploring new lands and imagining new horizons to conquer. My weapons? My heart and passion, restraint and discipline. And above all inner calm, allowing me to gather my forces and plan my next undertaking.

Lorenzo Oboe

Chief Financial Officer

"Turning analysis into action"

Organisational skills for advanced control of costs and performance. Analysis and elaboration of data and information in order to correctly measure performance and acquire indications that allow us to direct and support business choices. Accurate formulation of the financial consequences of the strategic plan to identify risk and reduce it to a minimum.

Alberto Zavarise

QSE Manager

“Quality is born out of people”

The policies of quality, health, safety and the environment are made up of many things: investments, technologies, procedures, checks. But above all of the value of people. Competency, professionalism, willingness and courtesy are the most important qualities for us. And we make sure that clients, suppliers and all Athena collaborators recognise us for this.

Cristian Maran

Pricing & Technical Manager

“The price: perfect balance”

Each of our prices is the outcome of the perfect balance of several factors: study of the best solution for our clients, satisfaction of all of their needs and respected deadlines. We know that the price is right only when the client is satisfied and convinced that, thanks to us, his business acquires added value.

Stefania Vercesi

Head of Marketing

"Our brand is creativity"

Athena is a group with a multi-faceted vocation. Each one in its field expresses the fundamental value of the Athena brand: creativity. A value that stimulates to also innovate communication. And to make it increasingly more complete and integrated, reaching right across every division in the Group.

Serena Mattiello

Human Resources Manager

"Awareness and sharing"

A business greatest legacy is its people. Especially in a company like Athena that thrives on ideas and innovation. We ask our collaborators not only to be aware of their own talents, but to assess them by sharing their ideas with others. Only thanks to dialogue with those who work with us, does a good idea become an excellent idea.

Gianpaolo Gustoni

IT Manager

"Technologies with a human heart"

Technology cannot replace people. It can help them to express their potential, their ideas. Athena is a dynamic company, open to the future because it thrives on the passion of its workers. And IT is simply a tool for lending shape to their imagination.

Barbara Ramazzotto


"Leadership and sharing, our corporate values"

“Empowering, motivating, appreciating and rewarding”. We are convinced that appraising people is the best way to build a positive organisational model, open to collaboration and sharing. In this regard, Athena can count on robust management, founded on leadership that looks to the future and indicates a precise direction.

Alessandro Pascoli

Technical Director - Electronics

“Going beyond our limits”

“You were not made to live as brutes, but to pursue virtue and knowledge.” With these words, Dante’s Ulysses urges his companions to go beyond the extreme limit of the known world. Going beyond limits is also the mission of those in research and development. Also at Athena. Every day, passion and curiosity push us to explore new horizons. With the enthusiasm of people who are always ready to get involved.

Manuele Guarda

Mechanics Division R&D Manager

"Competitive Creativity"

Every day we put ourselves to the test on the market. A continually changing challenge, to give our clients a truly innovative product. To achieve this goal, we know that we must never be satisfied, we must continue our learning curve. This deep awareness, together with a good dose of creativity, keeps us in line with the times. And just that little bit ahead of the competition. Always.

Giovanni Carrozzo

Erchie Business Unit Manager

“We really believe in ourselves”

Every business is a complex world of values, human relationships, deadlines and commitments to respect. Our strength has always been managing to direct all these elements into the achievement of a single objective: development and growth of the group. We believe in what we do and I think that we do it well. Because we put all our experience, professionalism and desire for personal improvement into every project.

José Mauricio Felippe

Director General of Vedamotors, Brazil

"The strength of Athena in South America"

We are the strength of Athena in South America. We successfully share the group’s mission: always offering new technical solutions to satisfy clients in the widest range of industrial sectors. An extensive range and high quality are our winning philosophy, which we pursue by constantly testing ourselves against continual developments in technology.

Giuliano Bonato

Athena India Manager

“We take our best ideas out into the world”

We take our know-how onto the big emerging markets. A legacy of knowledge and competencies that integrate different cultures and create value. To win the many local challenges of the global world. To deliver innovative products, reliable services and undisputable quality, every time.

Amadeu Esvertit

Athena Motor Iberica Manager

"Our strength is imagination"

Businesses, like everything in life, last in time if they manage to adapt to change, anticipating new requirements and needs. Athena continues to grow because it has never stopped interpreting market evolutions and trends, imagining and designing new solutions to satisfy the most advanced of requests.

Edoardo M. Maligno

Sales Manager USA

"Conquering the world"

In an increasingly global market, Athena is strengthening its presence on existing markets and growing on emerging ones. It expands its field of action through an Italian spirit of innovation and an all-round vision. I am proud to be part of a young, enthusiastic, passionate team. And happy to be able to contribute to the international growth of the group.

Alberto Ceoloni

Operations Manager

"The continuous research for excellence"

We believe in the continuous improvement of production processes, technical skills and quality products, we seek the best production technologies to face the future challenges of the market, without losing the awareness that the development of human capital is the true source of business success.

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