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Washers and Sealing Solutions

Anti-extrusion rings

Anti-Extrusion rings are generally used with O-rings to prevent extrusion.

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Bonded seals

Bonded seals are made of two bonded rings. Externally, a metal washer with rectangular cross-section, internally, a trapezoidal vulcanised elastomer ring. The metal ring’s main function is to resist high pressures.

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DIN 3869 trapezoidal seals

DIN 3869 seals are circular with trapezoidal cross-section, used as axially static soft seals in combination with threaded hydraulic elements. The elastomer element is compacted between the threaded components, thereby producing the sealing effect at the surfaces to be sealed.

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Metal sealing washers

Sealing washers are circular seals with rectangular cross-section. They are used to ensure seals on hydraulic couplings where pressure is not high.

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Oil seal sets for rotary shafts

Oil seals for rotary shafts are used to ensure sealing of machine rotating elements, such as shafts, hubs and axles, in a variety of industrial applications, to avoid internal or external contamination of fluids.

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O-Rings are circular seals with round cross-section, vulcanised when moulded, and they are the easiest, cheapest solution to problems of fluid or gas leaks.

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These square-section rings have four small contact surfaces. Static applications include radial and axial sealing on flanges, bushings and covers, while dynamic applications include sealing of pistons and rods, shafts and helical movements.

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