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Valve Plates and Valve Bars for compressors

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Athena flanges and reed valves (cylinder heat) are highly efficient and reliable components, used in modern reciprocating compressors. The cylinder head is the flange closing the cylinder, containing the intake and discharge valves controlling intake and discharge of the gas fuelling the compressor. The intake valve is a reed valve (automatic) between the intake duct and the cylinder. When pressure in the cylinder falls below that of the intake duct, the intake valve opens to allow gas into the cylinder. The discharge valve is a reed valve (automatic) between the cylinder and the discharge duct. When pressure in the cylinder rises above that of the discharge duct, the valve opens to allow gas to leave the cylinder and reach the established pressure for discharge. The design, the various materials chosen, the manufacture of each detail of these components and the final assembly combine to increase the efficiency and product life of the compressor, increase its volumetric efficiency, reduce drops in pressure, reduce noise level, increase number of RPMs (valve frequency), ensure fitness for working with variable speed ranges (motor with inverter) and improve corrosion resistance and compatibility with various kinds of gas.

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Blanking Equipment

Up to 500 tonnes of power, Athena presses cut pieces of various kinds of material up to 6 mm thick. They use various dies, depending on the type of product required. Electronic control systems (ECUs) and painstaking checks ensure perfect results.

Other processes:
Barrelling and polishing materials, Vertical and horizontal CNC work centres and turning centres


Stainless steel coil

Steels that contain chromium (between 12% and 30%), nickel (up to 35%) and other alloys. These elements have two functions: making the steel shiny but, above all, protecting it from the attack of atmospheric agents, gases and corrosive acids. Chromium is particularly capable of passivation, i.e. oxidising to form an invisible layer that acts as a protective coating for the metal against external corrosion.

Other materials:
Steel coil

Applications for:
Valve Plates and Valve Bars for compressors

Pneumatics and Pressure Regulators

Pneumatics and Pressure Regulators

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