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Pump gaskets

All shapes, all the maximum sealing


There are two main types of pump gasket: flat, die-cut gaskets for sealing covers, between the pump and the impeller spiral, and rubber gaskets for sealing between one stage and another or in other positions. The family of pump gaskets also includes wire ducts, cable ducts and gaskets for electric pump junction boxes.

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Automatic die cutters

Advanced technological know-how on automatic die cutters for blanking gaskets. 3D and laser scanner control systems to check each product made. Great production flexibility from small to large runs, ensuring absolute quality and perfect design match.

Other processes:
Waterjet and mill cutter systems


Cork Rubber

Cork rubber is a sealing material made of different-sized cork chips bound together by synthetic rubber.

Other materials:
Foam materials, Rubber, Rubber-Coated metal

Applications for:
Pump gaskets

Hydraulics and Pumps

Hydraulics and Pumps

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