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Anti-extrusion rings

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Anti-extrusion rings are generally used with O-rings to prevent extrusion. In certain cases, it is not possible or worthwhile to make grooves with sufficiently reduced finishing and play. They are used for static and dynamic applications, to prevent the O-ring extruding under elevated pressure or when there are notable gaps between metal parts.

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Blanking Equipment

Up to 500 tonnes of power, Athena presses cut pieces of various kinds of material up to 6 mm thick. They use various dies, depending on the type of product required. Electronic control systems (ECUs) and painstaking checks ensure perfect results.

Other processes:
Barrelling and polishing materials, Laser cutting equipments, Surface and double-disc grinding, flat and hole lapping, Vertical and horizontal CNC work centres and turning centres



The Athena range includes various types of rubber, particularly EPDM and NBR, to offer clients the widest possible choice of sealing and insulating solutions.

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