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Filter & Silencers

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Silencers for compressed air with dual function of silencer and filter. Some special types can be used in other industrial sectors as well as pneumatics, as filters.

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Automatic die cutters

Advanced technological know-how on automatic die cutters for blanking gaskets. 3D and laser scanner control systems to check each product made. Great production flexibility from small to large runs, ensuring absolute quality and perfect design match.

Other processes:
Waterjet and mill cutter systems, Automatic and CNC lathes with bar feeder, Industrial automation of assembly


Brass Bars

Brass is an alloy mainly made of copper and zinc. For bars, other elements like lead, tin and iron are added.

Other materials:
Steel rod

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Design, production, consultancy and assistance. Our objective is continually higher quality. To give you products that help you to be even more competitive. And deliver services that are even more simple, rapid and accurate.

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