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Glass-to-metal sight glasses

Glass to Metal


Athena’s glass-to-metal viewers are designed for visual/optical control in severe applications in the field of refrigeration and industrial conditioning, chemical processes and medium and high pressure treatment of fluids and vapours in general. They are normally made of a disc of soda-lime glass with low iron content, which is bonded by a heat cycle in controlled atmosphere directly and hermetically to the metal part in carbon steel (normally flange or hexagonal shaped). The two different coefficients of thermal expansion of glass and metal form a homogeneous compression preload right across the glass. In general they are used as a quick, easy way to control the functioning of a system. They are often used for a visual check on a liquid or on the oil level. They are also designed to facilitate visual observation or transmission of the optical signal in hermetically sealed devices.

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Laser cutting equipments

CO2 and fibre laser cutters. These machines cut metals up to 3 mm thick completely automatically. Plus, Athena’s exclusive technology – directly coil-fed – means more savings on time and raw materials.

Other processes:
Vertical and horizontal CNC work centres and turning centres, Systems for fusion of glass to metal


Stainless steel bars

Steels that contain chromium (between 12% and 30%), nickel (up to 35%) e other alloys. These elements have two functions: making the steel shiny but, above all, protecting it from the attack of atmospheric agents, gases and corrosive acids. Chromium is particularly capable of passivation, i.e. oxidising to form an invisible layer that acts as a protective coating for the metal against external corrosion.

Other materials:
Steel rod

Applications for:
Glass-to-metal sight glasses

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