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Pneumatics and Pressure Regulators

The compressor sector is asking for increasingly high performance and energy efficiency, to reduce costs and respect the environment. Athena’s response is two high-quality services. A vast range of pre-optimised components to ensure maximum efficiency. And a service of custom design, working in synergy with clients to find the right solution for their applications.

Customer needs

Increasingly advanced production requirements, tighter environmental regulation, growing energy costs. In this market scenario, manufacturers want technologies that ensure high performance while at the same time saving energy and respecting the environment. There is an extremely strict selection process for suppliers. Very high levels of know-how and innovation are required. Highly energy-efficient components and solutions must ensure cost reduction and continuous improvement of products.

Why choose Athena Industries

To address these challenges, Athena offers clients a system based on two major specialisations.

1. A vast range of optimised standard components. Each component is designed and manufactured to guarantee maximum efficiency. Clients have an unparalleled choice and can find the right product for their needs.
2. A custom-design service. Athena contributes its experience and know-how to collaboration with clients, developing specific, innovative solutions for their applications.

Areas of Application

Displacement compressor, dynamic compressor, reciprocating compressor, semi-hermetic compressor, hermetically sealed compressor, open compressor, rotary compressor, blade compressor, spiral compressor, scroll compressor, screw compressor, open centrifugal compressor, semi-hermetic centrifugal compressor, rotary vane compressor, liquid ring compressor, lobe compressor, Eaton-Roots compressor, piston compressor, axial compressor, air compressor, gas compressor, diaphragm compressor, refrigeration compressors, compressor units, turbocompressor, supercharger, Pressure regulators for LPG and CNG auto fuels, mains gas, drinking water, air, oil, petrol and diesel pumps.

Building Quality

Design, production, consultancy and assistance. Our objective is continually higher quality. To give you products that help you to be even more competitive. And deliver services that are even more simple, rapid and accurate.

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