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Hydraulics and Pumps

Their need for control and absolute quality makes manufacturers of watertight items look for solid, innovative partners. With our long experience, deriving from years of collaboration with the key protagonists of the sector, Athena is well qualified to research new solutions and produce the best technical components.

Customer needs

Innovation and total quality of product and of service. In this sector, the market is very demanding. Design solutions for applications in this field must pass very strict controls at every manufacturing phase – from choosing and purchasing raw materials to inspection of every product manufactured.

Why choose Athena Industries

Long experience of collaborating with the most important manufacturers in the sector. Advanced know-how that makes Athena the best-qualified partner when researching materials and new solutions for watertight equipment.
Athena’s strong points:
1) a vast range of articles and components, unique in Europe for this sector;
2) design, distribution and assistance – a comprehensive, flexible and prompt service;
3) technical competencies for co-engineering projects;
4) the production strength of a group with 10 facilities;
5) thorough knowledge of various production technologies;
6) a strongly innovative slant, focus on quality as witnessed by specific certifications and continuous improvement.

Areas of Application

Displacement pumps, rotary pumps, plunger pumps, piston pumps, hand pumps, diaphragm pumps, membrane pumps, gear pumps, lobe pumps, variable displacement pumps, peristaltic pumps, vertical pumps, vacuum pumps, transfer pumps, vane pumps, fluid pumps, centrifugal pumps, MHD pumps, axial pumps, electric pumps, submersible pumps, oxygenators, submersible mixers, pumps for agriculture, high pressure pumps for washing and industry, motor pumps, flow accelerators, borehole pumps.

Building Quality

Design, production, consultancy and assistance. Our objective is continually higher quality. To give you products that help you to be even more competitive. And deliver services that are even more simple, rapid and accurate.

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