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Agricultural and Off-Highway Machinery

Athena is ideal if you are looking for one single, comprehensive supplier, that meets all requirements and works from a rapid, flexible organisation. With our 10 manufacturing facilities, Athena can offer a vast, unparalleled selection of products and components.

Customer needs

In this sector co-engineering is a preferred way of working.
Manufacturers tend to reduce the number of suppliers and keep a few key technical partners with whom to work. Their partners must have a rapid, flexible organisation, in order to develop new projects and improve economies of scale.

Why choose Athena Industries

For those looking for one single, comprehensive, technical reference point, Athena is the ideal partner:
1) With our 10 manufacturing facilities, we offer a broad range of products, for both large-scale mass production and small batches of prototypes or samples.
2) We guarantee technical and quality competence, gained in 40 years of experience in the sector.
3) We offer a vast, unparalleled selection of certified materials:
a) Flat, blanked gaskets made of asbestos-free paper, PTFE, felt, hard rubber, foam rubber.
b) Customised bonded soundproof mats and insulating panels.
c) Blanked metal parts: ITT wear rings, axial washers AS, FE spacers, ground rings, convex washers, anti-rotation washers, copper/aluminium seals, customised parts, laser-cut customised parts.
d) Rubber and rubber-insert seals: O-rings, standard and customised oil seals, lip gaskets, bonded seals, cylindrical vibration dampers, bell-shaped vibration dampers, anti-vibration bushings.
e) Vast commercial and customised range of caps, magnetic plugs, level sight glasses, oil breather plugs patented by Nostrali.
f) Customised rubber and rubber-insert articles.
g) Tooling operations on metal and thermoplastic items.

Areas of Application

AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY SECTOR: tractors, tractor accessories, loading and digging attachments, harvesters, self-propelled mowers, hay and forage machinery, trailers.

FORESTRY SECTOR: fellers, forwarders, harvesters, skidders, excavators.

CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY SECTOR: backhoe loaders, excavators, loaders, telescopic handlers, cranes, aerial platforms, dumpers.

GOODS HANDLING MACHINERY SECTOR: forklift trucks, terminal tractors, container handlers, stackers, reach trucks.

GROUNDCARE SECTOR: compact tractors, sweepers, ride-on mowers, seed drills, golf carts.

Building Quality

Design, production, consultancy and assistance. Our objective is continually higher quality. To give you products that help you to be even more competitive. And deliver services that are even more simple, rapid and accurate.

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