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The Athena range includes various types of rubber, particularly EPDM and NBR, to offer clients the widest possible choice of sealing and insulating solutions.


Maximum seal for gases and liquids – soft, elastic, resistant to tears and linear shrinkage, high resistance to temperatures, anti-vibration, waterproof and easily customised profile. Good resistance to aging and temperature changes.


Such as watertight seals for doors and windows and to insulate soft, deformable profiles.

Raw materials

Products made with this material

Anti-extrusion rings | Bell-shape Vibration Dampers | Cylindrical Vibration Dampers | Submersible Pumps Bushing | Bonded seals | Sealing caps | Boots and Bellows | Compressor Gaskets | Flange gaskets | Gaskets for agricultural machines | Engine gaskets | Hydraulic gaskets | Pneumatic Gaskets | Pump gaskets | Transmission gaskets | DIN 3869 trapezoidal seals | Assembled Membranes | Flat Diaphragms | Preformed Membranes | O-Rings | Oil seal sets for rotary shafts | Seals and Pressure Containing Parts | Protective flaps | Closing Balls for Valves | Mats | Rubber Cords | Rubber Tubes | Swing Check Valves with Counterweights | X-Rings

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