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Steel coil


Alloy chiefly made of iron and carbon. Carbon content is less than 2.06%. We have high- and low-carbon steel for a variety of applications, products and processes.


- high structural resistance - non-deformable over time - 4-times less heat conductivity than aluminium - maximum hygiene, easy to clean - 100% recyclable without limits


Automotive, railways, ships, engineering and manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical, electricity power stations.

Metal coils

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Products made with this material

Magnetic plugs | Bell-shape Vibration Dampers | Ring Gauges to regulate slacks | Bonded seals | Orbital Engine Collectors and Yokes | Covers | Discs for multi-disc brakes and clutches | Spacers, Washers, Locking Washers | Mounting and filler flanges for gear pumps | Glass-to-metal plate connectors | Valve Plates and Valve Bars for compressors | Axial washers for thrust bearing AS/CP | Convex washers for differential satellite gears | Anti rotation washers | Flat washers with lubricating grooves | Metal sealing washers | Phonic Wheels | Brackets, U-Bolts and Flanges | Swing Check Valves with Counterweights

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