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Barrelling and polishing materials

Sophisticated systems for tumbling, deburring and polishing with in-process controls. Various kinds of ceramic, plastic and urea inserts. The right chemical products. Our technologies eliminate burrs and ensure perfect mating of mechanical parts. Surface roughness values and edge rounding are carefully monitored for every workpiece, with digital roughness testers and vision systems. In this way, we guarantee the very highest performance: smooth and quiet running for shafts and rotating parts, no cracks or breaks in valve reeds under great stress. A total quality job, guaranteed by our certificates and dimensional reports.

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Process no. 1

1. Blanking Equipment

Up to 500 tonnes of power, Athena presses cut pieces of various kinds of material up to 6 mm thick. They use various dies, depending on the type of product required. Electronic control systems (ECUs) and painstaking checks ensure perfect results.


Process no. 2

2. Barrelling and polishing materials

Sophisticated technologies for barrelling, deburring, polishing. Tests and inspections with surface roughness testers and vision systems. Optimum flow and lack of noise, no cracks and breaks – every single piece is processed to ensure that mechanical parts fit together perfectly.


Process no. 3

3. Laser cutting equipments

CO2 and fibre laser cutters. These machines cut metals up to 3 mm thick completely automatically. Plus, Athena’s exclusive technology – directly coil-fed – means more savings on time and raw materials.


Process no. 4

4. Surface and double-disc grinding, flat and hole lapping

Various technologies to ensure absolute precision, reduce costs and guarantee that each piece is top-quality, thanks to strict in-process and post-process controls.


Process no. 5

5. Systems for heat treatment of metals

Tempering, cementation and carbonitriding of various shapes and kinds of metal parts. Each phase of the processing cycle is managed by special software and control systems, to ensure that the product perfectly matches the characteristics required in the specification.


Process no. 6

6. Automatic die cutters

Advanced technological know-how on automatic die cutters for blanking gaskets. 3D and laser scanner control systems to check each product made. Great production flexibility from small to large runs, ensuring absolute quality and perfect design match.


Process no. 7

7. Waterjet and mill cutter systems

Cutting systems that use a very high-pressure waterjet. Or a blade or mill cutter. These produce any kind of gasket in soft or plastic material, at very high speed and with great precision.


Process no. 8

8. Vertical and horizontal CNC work centres and turning centres

Up-to-date, differentiated technology for a service of top-level quality – stringent system of procedures and tests, personnel training, customised services. This is why many earthmoving machine, automotive, white goods and agricultural companies choose us.


Process no. 9

9. Nickel silicon plating process

Maximum functionality and resistance for endothermic engines. The nickel silicon plating (EN) equipment coats the cylinders, depositing a hard coating and achieving extremely high hardness.


Process no. 10

10. Injection and compression moulding presses for rubber

Latest generation technologies, research and development of new mixtures, compliance with all industry and food regulations enable us to create designs that are customised and for all types of application.


Process no. 11

11. Automatic and CNC lathes with bar feeder

Advanced technology and 40 years of experience in mechanical processing of bars – our strengths for guaranteeing a top-quality consulting service and production capacity for every special requirement.


Process no. 12

12. Industrial automation of assembly

Zero-defect automated assembly systems with final inspection guarantee clients maximum production quality.


Process no. 13

13. Systems for fusion of glass to metal

Systems where glass is used together with metal parts made on our premises. We offer clients three kinds of surface treatment: chemical nickel plating (EN), standard chrome and zinc plating up to 12 hours salt spray test.


Process no. 14

14. Engine test stands for testing and measuring emissions

Complete calibration of all test parameters and associated power band test. Athena’s 5 test stands enable us to carry out all tests required to configure the vehicle and to analyse exhaust emissions.


Process no. 15

15. Electronic equipment and ECU validation

Athena makes electronic control units (ECUs) and offers clients a complete design and support service in addition, of course, to fully supplying all components for electronic injection systems.


Process no. 16

16. Logistics and Packaging

Unique logistics experience, with a variety of competencies dealing with the industrial, aftermarket and distribution sectors, based on the latest just-in-time, consignment stock and kanban systems.

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