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Compressor Gaskets

We make standard and customised gaskets for piston and rotary screw air compressors and for semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors.

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Engine gaskets

Engine gaskets serve to seal in lubricant and coolant liquids, exhaust fumes discharged into the air or towards other components of the engine.

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Flange gaskets

Pipes and tubes for water supply, petrochemical plants and plants in general, which are joined together and connected through flanges separated by sealing gaskets.

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Gaskets for agricultural machines

Agricultural machinery has many needs for gaskets of various kinds and types.

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Gaskets for electric and electronic equipment

Gaskets for electrical and electronic equipment can be made in various materials and complicated shapes. Their principal function is to guarantee the proper level of protection.

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Hydraulic gaskets

Hydraulic seals are mostly made of oil-resistant rubber. Their function is to guarantee the sealing of hydraulic valves, engines and pumps and they are often subject to high pressure.

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Insulating Gaskets

Insulating gaskets create a division between two surfaces. This insulation prevents electrical/electromagnetic conductivity, isolating both surfaces/areas from interference.

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Mats have two main functions: they prevent the driver from slipping during normal use of the vehicle and, in closed cabins, help with soundproofing to increase user comfort.

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Pneumatic Gaskets

These seals protect the piston rings, keeping the rod clean and keeping out dust, mud, water or other elements that might damage the seals. They are used on hydraulic or pneumatic piston rods on reciprocating engines.

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Protective flaps

Protective flaps are made-to-measure for clients who need to ensure protection on moving machinery.

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Pump gaskets

There are two main types of pump gasket: flat, die-cut gaskets for sealing covers, between the pump and the impeller spiral, and rubber gaskets for sealing between one stage and another or in other positions.

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SDC 380

SDC 380 is the new special gasket for high temperatures introduced by Athena, which offers a lot of benefits from the combination between silicone rubber and fire-resistant-fibers

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Transmission gaskets

Drive transmission requires very strong sealing and consequently the materials and workmanship must be of the highest quality.

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Vermiculite is ideal for heating system insulation, thanks to its resistance to high temperatures (up to 1150°C) and to the direct contact with fire.


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