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Our job starts with you

For us there are no standard articles. Every piece we produce is the outcome of and encounter between your ideas and our experience. Your market goals and our ability to deliver the best solutions. Your company organisation and our production robustness.

Call it extreme customisation, if you like. We use the simpler description of a job well done.

Because it starts with you.


Technological innovation is critical. But even more important is that of ideas. For this reason, Athena…


Having customised services means being able to count on someone who understands what you really need…


A network of production and logistics units spread all over the world. To be closer to our clients with…


The reliability of the Athena Group is measured by lots of things: economic solidity, technological heritage,…


History is important, speaks about the identity of a company, its roots, its solidity. But the history,…


Walter Marino

Bluetech Business Unit Manager

"I think positive"

Athena Industries services

We custom-make products to meet your specific needs. Together with our technicians we will study the most suitable solutions for you.



Gaskets: where all begins

Athena was born from an important industrial and commercial experience in electromechanical field. From this industry it has learned the importance of high quality. It decided to bring this value in a world that still has not done it yet: the world of the gasket.

Therefore two main objectives from the beginning: Focus on product quality, Aim at the national and international market by offering a greater range.

Two challenges that will drive all the time development of Athena, pushing it to continuously improve and innovate.