Nuova valvola CaffèSicuro - HOST 2023



The New Food Grade Safety Valve for Professional Coffee Machines


CaffèSicuro™ is the latest food grade valve specifically designed for professional coffee machines, patented by Nostrali. It boasts perfect compatibility with all coffee machine models and is certified for both food contact and use with potable water.


With its MOCA certification, this valve ensures compliance with food grade standards and is safe for use in the food and beverage industry, including potable water applications, making it the ideal choice for food industry valves


This innovative one-of-a-kind valve, features an axial channelled discharge. This design enables the optimal management of excess steam formation, a common occurrence within coffee machine boilers


Valve composition


  • Food-Grade Brass Valve Body and Pipe Connection (Stainless Steel upon request)
  • Stainless Steel Compression Spring  
  • Food-grade FKM seal pad
  • Food-grade FKM External sealing (upon request)


Where is the Safety Valve located and how does it work

This type of Coffee Machine Valve is an essential component that plays a critical role in controlling system pressure and preventing potentially dangerous overpressurization

Typically located near the coffee machine's boiler or water pumping system, safety valves activate when pressure reach critical levels. This controlled response allows for the safe release of excess steam and water, ensuring the protection and efficiency of the entire system.

Invest in the security and performance of your Coffee Machine with CaffèSicuro's certified overpressure valve.

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