azienda 2022

About us

Advanced Technologies for Creative Solutions

We design and make high-value parts to industrialise your ideas and support your business. 
We are an Italian family-run company that has always looked to international markets. We combine our values and links to our home territory with a spirit of global growth that has allowed us to become leaders in the development of advanced technical solutions for fluid management, thermoacoustic insulation and metal components. 

Our History

2022 • Keep growing

Athena continues its growth trend with new investments to face the new challenges: electrification, hydrogen and sustainability

2020 • growth trend

Athena confirms the growth trend from the previous year in spite of the global pandemic and consequent economic downturn.

2018 • Athena-SCE Inc.

Athena starts up production in the United States with the acquisition of Athena-SCE Inc.

2017 • managerial restructuring

The start of the managerial restructuring of Athena with CEO and General Manager

2016 • Athena Hangzhou

Athena Hangzhou is founded, the strategic hub for Chinese procurement.

2011 • Nostrali

Acquisition of Nostrali, a leading company in oleodynamic and pneumatic components

2009 • Athena India and Athena Motor Iberica are founded

2008 • ISO TS 16949 (now IATF)

Athena obtains ISO TS 16949 (now IATF) certification to serve the Automotive market

2007 • GET

Acquisition of GET, the company specialised in Engine Management Control Boards and Data Acquisition systems

2004 • Athena USA is founded

1998 • the Brazilian company Vedamotor

Athena becomes international: the Brazilian company Vedamotors enters the group

1987 • Bluetech and Athena Sud are born

Athena increases its productions lines, expertise, machinery and technology. Bluetech and Athena Sud are born

1973 • Foundation

Foundation of Athena in North Italy.