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Our know-how at your service

We know your applications and your needs very well. That is why we place our excellences at your disposal, to guide you when choosing the solution most suited to your needs, transforming an initial concept into the right product. Thanks to 50 years of experience in the industry, we have a thorough knowledge of the particular nature of your applications and the continuous legislative evolutions in your sector. This allows us to offer the best solution, thanks to continuous investments in research and development, in technologies and in training our technical and production staff. 

The Expertise

Development of gaskets and seals

We have been designing and manufacturing gaskets for 50 years. We focus on this product because the world of seals is mainly invisible to the eye, yet it is essential for the operation of any mechanical, mechatronic or electronic system.

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The Expertise

Design of special pressure relief valves

With the acquisition of Nostrali in 2011, Athena has added the design and manufacture of pressure relief valves, line valves and bypass valves to its offer.


The Expertise

Insulation materials manufacturing and design

Athena Industries offers solutions for designing insulation materials

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The Expertise

Metalworking services for the production of complex metal parts

Metalworking services for the production of complex metal parts


The Expertise

Multiple production technologies

Assembly of systems and subsystems, combining items obtained from our various production technologies.

combinazione di diverse tecnologie produttive

The Expertise

Engine control units development and vehicle type approval systems

Engines are in our DNA. We develop electronic engine management systems, data logging systems and connectivity modules for the motorbike and recreational vehicle industries.

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The Expertise

Development of internal combustion engine cylinders

For more than 25 years, Athena has been constantly investing in cutting-edge production technologies for cylinders and components for IC engines destined to manufacturers.

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