Design of special pressure relief valves

With the acquisition of Nostrali in 2011, Athena has added the design and manufacture of pressure relief valves, line valves and bypass valves to its offer.
With over fifty years of experience in developing pressure relief valves, Athena is also able to support the more discerning customer with standard or special products. 
Starting from early experience in the air compressor sector, through to the latest applications for hydrogen, Athena provides clients in the vehicle LPG and methane sectors, as well as for refrigerator compressors and steam systems, used in applications such as professional coffee machines and sterilisers.


The right solution for every pressure

We work with the customer to look at the specific nature of each application as well as the needs of every industrial sector. Starting with essential parameters such as pressure, temperature, means used, tolerances in play, external environment, we know how to recommend and co-engineer designs to provide customers with the best solutions, keeping to costs.


Valve design process

After initially defining the materials to be used and considering compatibility with fluids and the external environment, we design valves bringing all of our know how into play, using fluid flow analysis software to simulate the behaviour of the value with a proprietary mathematical model


Continuative, reliable tests 

A critical product like pressure relief valves requires suitable control and testing systems. Athena has studied and developed these processes in house, to offer the maximum quality guarantees, and process stability to customers, as well as a full tracking system, on request, to provide:

  • 100% automatic test of parameters shared with the customer;
  • Prompt and unequivocal recording of all parameters selected for each individual test;
  • Laser marking with progressive number or QR code on each piece.

Applications and Case History

componenti compressori


Air & refrigerator compressors