elettronica veicoli

Vehicle electronics, hardware & software

Thanks to the Electronics division's engineering team, Athena offers engine management, connectivity and data acquisition systems, as well as designing firmware, software and applications for complete management of vehicles and the vehicle-user relationship.

Athena has been working for several years to provide turnkey system and services to the OE companies and to injection engines producers. In addiction to the production of engine control units and data acquisition systems, Athena offers a complete R&D service for the development of custom App, hardware platforms, softwares and firmwares.

Thanks to advanced testing and prototype tools, all strategies are designed and controlled with a custom - made approach, in order to satisfy any customer's need.

Discover all our electronics systems for motorcycles and other vehicles.


Case histories in this application

Case History

Data logger for fleet management

Data logger for fleet management

Engine & motorcycles

Case History

Development of engine management system for the new Fantic off-road range

Development of engine management system for Fantic off-road models

Sistemi per la gestione motore off-road Fantic

Case History

New Wi-Fi device and App development for Suzuki

mx-tuner + app

Our expertise deployed

elettronica motori

Our expertise

Engine control units development and vehicle type approval systems