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Development of a data logger for fleet management


2-Wheels vehicles manufacturers



Motorcycle manufacturers include companies from all over the world, above all in Europe, Asia and America.


To compete with the Far eastern giants on the market, many European manufacturers have decided to get together in the last few years, creating industrial groups with the aim of achieving economies of scale


One of the main motorcycle manufacturer

The customer is one of the main players in the motorbike industry.


Euro 5 vehicles' homologation

Manufacturers must log a vast amount of data to define the intervention thresholds needed to meet Euro5 requirements.
The customer was seeking a partner to develop a customised data logging system to collect parameters and information during road tests carried out on the fleet. 


A dedicated data acquisition system

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the motorcycle market and the design of electronic solutions for vehicles, Athena was able to develop a special version of its own data logging system and relevant software for the customer. The devices were supplied for the manufacturer to carry out dedicated checks on the fleet used to perform road tests.
Specifically, the solution includes:

  • customised data logger and relevant software;
  • development of integration with data analysis software used by the customer;
  • set up and instrumentation of the vehicle with sensors, wiring and S2A modules (analogue converters using CAN Bus protocol);
  • import of their protocol with automatic logger configuration.

Athena and the customer are looking at further product development steps with an eye to implementing IoT and Cloud solutions.

Data acquisition

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ECUs an Data acquisition systems

Thanks to a specialised internal electronics division, Athena can offer ECUs for 2 and 3 wheel vehicles. Our expertise has been developed in the competition world, meaning we can find the best solution for latest-generation complex systems and for low-cost systems destined for emerging markets.

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