progettazione isolanti

Insulation materials manufacturing and design

A consolidated team of specialist engineers is available to work with you in defining the best solution. 

We are able to select the ideal insulation material for every single requirement, thanks to a full skills package, formed by our specific experience in the industry, constant updates on regulatory trends, a consolidated network of global suppliers, collaboration agreements in place with universities and research centres, production technologies, tests and simulations.
We try to understand customer applications and we put all of our vast knowledge at their disposal to choose the most suitable material to solve the problems and achieve the performance required. We have the skills, equipment, and control instruments to develop new materials in conjunction with customers. 

Choice of Suppliers

We always guarantee the performance you want

Our insulation material suppliers are selected and subjected to regular audits by our staff. This way we can be certain that every single material is suitable and compliant with the quality standards required by the customer. 


Standardized controls all around the world

We have transferred our methods and control processes to our foreign subsidiaries so that the quality standards and reliability of the materials we offer are the same, independently of their origin.

Production technologies

Many technologies, many solutions

The variety of production technologies allows us to work with small and large panel sizes as well as in more or less soft material, offering the required shapes while guaranteeing insulation and tightness of the highest level.

Applications and Case History



Agricultural machinery and off-highway equipment

soluzioni per industria alimentare e medicale


Food, medical and pharmaceutical industry