Metalworking service: execution of complex metal componentry

Punching, mechanical and corrective processing, surface and thermal treatments, laser welding, innovative cleaning processes and overmoulding with rubber. All under the same roof to guarantee maximum control of all processes and unique results. 

We have long-standing experience in the world of metals, and equipment able to machine steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze and other materials with thickness varying from 0.05 to 8 mm. The significant skills of our technical division accompany and support customers in every stage of project development, always suggesting the best possible solution for the final application. 
A moulded part is often less expensive when compared with other production technologies such as casting, mechanical machining or sintering. 

We put out know-how at your service to re-engineer metal parts, made using other technologies, by punching. 


Initial prototypes

The design stages are extremely important because they connect the abilities of our technical division with the requirements of the application. This is our recipe for bringing you the best solution.

The prototyping stage is essential: we are able to create pre-production series that are extremely faithful to the final production before investing in costly equipment. At this stage, laser cutting and bending allow us to optimise shapes and curves to create a perfect product.



Athena’s C-frame and double-sided presses punch out parts in different metals in thicknesses of up to 8 mm. Our machine fleet starts at 35 and arrives at up to 500 tons of power.


We have a profound knowledge of the industrialisation and development of equipment in house, and our presses work with block, progressive and transfer moulds, according to the type of products required. 


Grinding centers and mechanical processing

Grinding, micro-grinding and special mechanical processing are carried out on all types of part in every different shape.


Each system has its process and post process controls to ensure top-level precision and repeatability, while maintaining a high level of quality for all processed pieces and fully complying with flatness, parallelism, thickness and roughness.


Surface and Heat Treatments

We have special ovens to subject our products to heat treatments such as reclamation, case hardening and carbonitriding of metal parts in different shapes and types. Lastly, we can also make special paints and surface treatments, such as cataphoresis.

Our finishing technologies, including tumbling and polishing are a guarantee of an aesthetically perfect item as well as of the perfect performance from products on which it will be installed. 


New laser technologies

We have the very latest laser welding and cleaning technology to create increasingly complex parts and guarantee perfect, flawless products


Focus on: Metrology Lab

Next-generation instruments for metallographic tests on the structure of materials as well as tensile and compressive tests.


CMM and optical vision for dimensional tests and to guarantee compliance with quality requirements.

Applications and Case History

Engine & motorcycles


Bicycles, motorcycles and motors

trasmissione meccanica del moto


Mechanical drive systems

componenti automotive


Automotive, engines and vehicle parts



Agricultural machinery and off-highway equipment



Electromechanics and electric motors