combinazione di diverse tecnologie produttive

Combination of multiple production technologies

Assembly of systems and subsystems, combining items obtained from our various production technologies

Our technical division with its top-level experience, combined with our varied production processes mean that we can find ad hoc solutions to create assembled items
Long-standing experience in automatic and robotised assembly processes makes Athena the ideal partner when ordering the supply of systems and subsystems. Our team of production managers is able to develop automation processes and equipment in house to meet a range of different needs. 


A system is better than lots of components

We offer customers the advantage of being able to purchase a tried and tested system that allows them to focus on business with a greater added value. 


Process Standardization

Continued investments in technology and automatic system assembly to continuously improve our quality and efficiency. Athena production processes achieve total standardisation, with the aim of zero-defect-rate in production.


A constant quality check

The test and control devices at the end of the assembly line drastically reduce the possibility for error across large numbers, making sure that the customer receives a tested system ready to be installed.

Applications and Case History

Engine & motorcycles


Bicycles, motorcycles and motors