Sistemi per la gestione motore off-road Fantic

Development of engine management system for the Fantic off-road models


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The world of motorbikes is becoming increasingly electronics based in all categories, off-road included.

Bikes are increasingly being fitted with systems to combine maximum performance with high rider safety at levels never reached before, with lower consumption levels and more stringent regulations on emissions.


The Off-Road range by Fantic

Fantic is an historic company and one of the most important motorcycle manufacturers in Italy. Founded in 1968 in Lombardy, after some years of economic problems, the new owners have moved production to Veneto and the company is now growing again, with a new internal organisation and production numbers of several thousand motorbikes every year. Today Fantic can count on a range that includes road bikes such as the Caballero, as well as off-road bikes and in the last few years, it has focused on developing e-bikes and e-mtb, all entirely made in Italy.
Over the last few months, Fantic has continued to grow, acquiring Minarelli Motori and extending its know-how to the engines sector.


The research of a partner to develop electronics

The customer needed to get a strong footing in a consolidate market and to seek out partners to collaborate with for the electronics of their bikes, and who could guarantee high performance levels, technological content, and reliability. It chose Athena due to the company’s extensive experience in the off-road sector as well as for the wide range of solutions that it is able to offer. 
Fantic was also seeking a turnkey service who was able to coordinate all the process, from the concept stage to development of engine calibration, and vehicle-type approval according to the most recent European standards and track tests.


Electronic development and related tests

Athena developed the electronics for the range of Fantic off-road bikes, working together with its technicians and following two distinct processes:
For the Cross range, we transferred the technologies developed in the aftermarket universe, customising devices and calibration to suit Fantic models.
For the Enduro range, the development of the control unit had to consider the regulatory aspects in terms of power and emissions, without compromising the overall performance of the vehicle. This is why we made our test rooms and development tools available to carry out all of the tests in our plants or directly on the track.
Exclusive development of engine management control units

The main steps of this process are:

  • Customised mapping to comply with the regulatory requirements and guarantee maximum performance
  • Development of a custom range of accessories (launch control and Wi-Fi module)
  • In-house test rooms, development tools and consolidated know how
  • Maximum flexibility and development guaranteed to achieve the time-to-market required by the customer
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ECUs an Data acquisition systems

Thanks to a specialised internal electronics division, Athena can offer ECUs for 2 and 3 wheel vehicles. Our expertise has been developed in the competition world, meaning we can find the best solution for latest-generation complex systems and for low-cost systems destined for emerging markets.

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