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New Wi-Fi device and App development for Suzuki


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The motorcycle market is in great shape and over the last few years, it has grown significantly both for road and off-road bikes in terms of sales.


Even the vehicles themselves have grown notably in quality over the years, with better performance, reduced consumption and increasingly important use of electronics and user-vehicle connectivity



Suzuki was founded in Japan in 1909, manufacturing cars, motorbikes and marine engines out of different plants all over the world. Mass production of motorcycles began after the second World War, with a range that now includes road and off-road motorbikes. The company has won various world championships in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, Superbike and even the Motocross world championship.


A smart interface between rider and vehicle

Connectivity and artificial intelligence are current themes in the vehicle industry, and current models are equipped with systems that can inform and interact with users. The world of two wheels is making more and more use of connectivity, both for road and off-road use, where increasing use is being made of devices to allow the user to interface directly with their bike. This is why manufacturers are seeking partners to develop these devices.
Suzuki contacted our electronics division to develop a system to connect to the control unit of the new RM-Z 250 and 450 models with its smart devices, intervening directly on the map configuration.
To follow its own stringent guidelines, Suzuki needs devices to be certified in compliance with different international standards.



Our electronics division has developed MX-Tuner 2.0, a Wi-Fi device that uses a downloadable smartphone or tablet app to set the mapping on RM-Z models for different track conditions or based on driving preferences.

The app developed by Athena can be personalised according to Suzuki requirements, offering full control of the main engine parameters in complete safety, directly from personal devices, as well as the possibility to enter maintenance intervals and view dashboard data in real time.
For some markets, the device is available as standard on Suzuki RM-Z 250 and 450 models, or from the Genuine Parts catalogue. Athena has certified the product according to the main international standards (e.g. CE, R10 and FCC) so that it can be sold globally.

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Thanks to a specialised internal electronics division, Athena can offer ECUs for 2 and 3 wheel vehicles. Our expertise has been developed in the competition world, meaning we can find the best solution for latest-generation complex systems and for low-cost systems destined for emerging markets.

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