SDC 380



Gasket in silicone rubber and refractory fiber for special applications at high temperatures.

SDC 380 is Athena's new specialty gasket, made up of silicone rubber and refractory fiber for premium applications at elevated temperatures. The combination of these materials allows high resistance to temperatures, with extremely low permeability and high resistance to acid condensation and aging. The SDC 380 is perfect for use in special applications with operating temperatures of up to 300°C (over 500°F), where standard seals cannot guarantee a sufficient seal and durability.

Benefits and recommended applications of high temp gaskets.

SDC 380 guarantees optimal seal on flanges with low flatness and surface roughness, because the silicone base allows greater flexibility and adaptability to the contact surfaces compared to graphite gaskets, notoriously without elastic return.

Due to the special refractory fiber, SDC 380 guarantees greater gas sealing than current silicone rubber and fiberglass gaskets.

The mesh compound is much narrower and prevents the need for external refraction. SDC 380 gaskets are the most diverse applications in the range of heating and refrigeration. Athena is specifically aimed at manufacturers of boilers and heat exchangers, flue systems, stoves, and hot air generators.


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