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Boilers and heating

The heating sector has one of the highest innovation rates, where continuous research and evolution are required.

Improving performance and reducing consumption is a necessary strategic objective.

This is why thermal seal and insulation are fundamental to achieve maximum energy efficiency.


Manufacturers of boilers and heat exchangers

Clients who have already adopted this solution are leading companies around the world in terms of thermal comfort, energy efficiency and respect for the environment for domestic, commercial and industrial environments. We are talking about condensation boiler manufacturers, and therefore worldwide players in the heating sector, both manufacturers of internal components and heat exchangers.  


The management of acid condensations

A gasket must be able to guarantee seal in critical conditions dictated by high temperatures and the presence of humidity and condensation, and that compromise system efficiency.  All these types of materials can have their pros and cons, both in terms of system efficiency and of cost, therefore there is no perfect solution that can offer the right compromise.


SDC 380 

An innovative material developed by Athena

The material SDC 380 was created with the aim of combining the benefits of silicone rubber with a special refractory fibre and thus ensure maximum efficiency at a lower price than graphite gaskets, that are more expensive and lack elasticity. The combination allows the gaskets to resist temperatures up to 300°C and guarantee high resistance to thermal shocks, acid condensation and ageing. SDC 380 is used inside boilers and heat exchangers, flue systems, hobs, stoves and hot-air generators. 

SDC 380 guarantees optimal sealing on flanges with low flatness and that have rough surfaces, as the silicone base provides greater flexibility and adaptability to the contact surface than a graphite gasket, which is notorious for lacking in elasticity. 
Also, thanks to the special refractory fibre, SDC 380 guarantees higher gas seal than the current silicone rubber and glass fibre gaskets. The links in the compound are much tighter and make external reflanging unnecessary.

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