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Silent blocks for disc harrows


Agricultural machinery

The agricultural machinery market is divided into two main categories: self-propelled or towed.
1. Self-propelled: vehicles equipped with an engine that move independently, such as tractors;
2. Towed: Machines that require another vehicle to enter into operation and include disc harrows, rotary harrows, plows, seed drills and shredders.

Since the early years of activity, the world of agricultural machinery has represented one of the most important markets for Athena. Athena through the variety of production possibilities and technical knowledge has established itself as a point of reference for the development of:

  • Metal parts,
  • Technical items
  • Insulation systems



The company Vigolo was founded in 1963 and produces both fixed and folding rotary harrows, brush and flail shredders, hole diggers and subsoilers.
Since 1969 Vigolo began developing its sales network overseas and the competition in the international market contributed to the enhancement of quality standards and to the study of technological innovations, often improved and protected by patents.
With a strong engineering and design expertise, the technical department is engaged in continuous research and development in order to meet the needs of the operators in this field.


The management of mechanical stresses

Disc harrows are among the towed agricultural machines and are used to carry out surface work on the soil.
The soils are rarely homogeneous and these machines have to face forces both in the longitudinal direction, but also in the latitudinal direction (due to the inclination of the discs), with problems of wear, breakdowns and possible compromise of the equipment.
For this it is necessary to insert supports that stabilize the system and allow the stresses acting on the joints to be absorbed and dissipated homogeneously.


A special compound for our silent blocks

Disc harrow manufacturers have found in the SILENT BLOCK an essential component to dampen the forces in place (longitudinal and latitudinal) during the tillage.

Thanks to this particular torsional spring made of high performance rubber, the tensions acting on the hinged joints are absorbed and the swivel joints can therefore carry out the work more easily and safely. less wear and drastic reduction in maintenance.

Our silent blocks have been subjected to assembly and use tests in the early start-up phases of the harrows and in the phase of prolonged and continuous use by the customer, demonstrating a correct behavior free of stress and failures.

Compared to similar components, Athena silent blocks guarantee:

  • + 20% of damping of latitudinal and longitudinal forces,
  • + 30% of tension absorption on the hinged joints,
  • - 50% of wear and time spent on maintenance.


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Rubber technical items

Athena is at the cutting edge of the design and production of customised rubber and metal rubber products, for any type of application. We offer consultancy regarding regulations and the necessary certifications for the various sectors, from traditional to the most innovative.

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Agricultural machinery and off-highway equipment