Silent Block 1

Silent Block by Athena


Torsional springs for disc harrow manufacturers.

Discover anti vibration Silent Blocks for disc harrows (or harrow breakers), which are among the towed agricultural machines and are used to carry out superficial soil tillage. Soils are rarely homogeneous and these machines have to cope with forces in both longitudinal and latitudinal directions (due to the inclination of the discs), with problems of wear and tear, failure and possible impairment of the equipment.


For this reason, it is necessary to insert special supports that stabilise the system and allow the stresses acting on the joints to be absorbed and dissipated evenly.


Manufactured with a special compound, designed by Athena, our Silent Blocks guarantee superior performance compared to the products already on the market.


The range and the quality tests of anti-vibration rubber bushes

The Silent Block range is already available in the following sizes:


  • 110x26 mm
  • 120X28 mm
  • 200x40 mm
  • 240x50 mm


Our Silent Blocks have undergone rigorous and selective testing: repeated and continuous use to ensure high levels of performance.



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