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Heatersafe by Nostrali


A patented Safety Valve for electric heated towel rails

Heatersafe is the new Nostrali patented safety valve, perfectly compatible with all the electric towel heaters.


This thermostatic radiator valve features an embedded design, with not-tamperable pressure set.



Composition of this valve


  • Nickel-plated brass valve body


  • O-Ring in NBR rubber


  • Stainles-steel compression spring


  • Nickel-plated brass regulator


  • Nickel-plated brass case pad


  • FKM-PTFE seal pad


Where is the safety valve located and how does it work

The safety valve is located at the top of radiators, usually on the opposite side of the thermostatic valve, near the pipe that exits the wall and carries water to the radiator.

The primary function of safety valves is to automatically remove air that accumulates within radiator circuits, eliminating the need for manual intervention. This helps prevent the occurrence of negative phenomena that could affect the durability and performance of the heating system.

Over time, you may notice small water droplets near the valve. This indicates that the gasket may have worn out and consequently needs to be replaced with a new safety valve.


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