Valvola di sicurezza speciale per scaldasalviette

Special safety valve for towel rail


Home comfort


The domestic central heating and the heating and plumbing industries have, over the last few years, undergone developments from technical viewpoints, with electrical towel rails, as well as from design and style points of view. 

From simple radiators used for optimum heating in rooms, towel rails are increasingly seen as design objects.

The trend is now to make them features in the room without foregoing the actual function they serve, i.e., meeting design and installation needs while also guaranteeing energy savings and excellent mechanical performance. 


Manufacturers of electric towel rails

Our customer is one of the major manufacturers of home comfort solutions and specifically, fixed radiators and designer electric or hot-water towel rails.


The Electric towel rails' operation

Towel rails contain a heating element that heats the fluid inside them - usually a mix of water and glycol. When the radiator reaches the set temperature, a thermostat will disconnect the heating element.


There is a risk that electronics are not reliable and therefore, customers need the device to be fitted with a mechanical safety valve to guarantee that any excess pressure can be bled out in the event that the heating element fails to switch off at the set temperature.



A patented safety valve for electrical heating towel rails

For this application, we have developed Heatersafe, a patented special, sunken and threaded safety valve with CE certification. The valve is made in nickel-plated brass, with internal spring in stainless steel and blind seal in special rubber. 

Its main features are:

  • Maximum reduction in size,
  • Available in standard calibrations (3 or 4.5 bar)
  • Customised calibration on request

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