Coronavirus - New information for clients and suppliers

03 April 2020


Dear customers and Suppliers,

as the Spread of COVID-19 has assumed global pandemic and has rapidly increased in Italy and worldwide as well, on March 22nd the Italian government released a decree closing non-essential industries from March 25th to April 3rd 2020 and whose annex has been amended on March 25th.

On April 1st 2020, this decree has been prolonged until April 13th 2020.

It is a decree that is mandatory for all businesses to follow, and there will be no circumventing measures of the decree allowed.

As a result of this, Athena S.p.A. has to pause all non-essential operations and production plants.

Therefore, Athena S.p.A. will remain operational only for those Clients whose NACE code falls under Annex 1 of the decree of March 25th and/or for those Clients who inform us that their activity is functional to ensure the continuity of the supply chains of the activities listed in Annex 1. All on-going orders and RfQs are to be considered temporarily placed on hold until further notice.

Lastly, we invite all our Clients, whose NACE code is included in the list of codes in Annex 1 of the decree, to promptly notify Athena S.p.A. about any requests for delivery of existing orders or requests for new productions for the period from 04.04.2020 to 13.04.2020 included.

We value the relationship we have with you and we want to confirm that our offices will be still active remotely through electronic communication tools: sales, logistic, technical department, R&D, purchasing, administration.

For any further information, our Clients can contact our logistic and/or commercial services as well as our Suppliers can contact our purchasing department staff.

Lastly, we inform our Clients that in order to face the suspension of our production plants, all your purchase orders will be rescheduled and the delivery/shipping dates will consequently be subjected to a new schedule that will take into account the operating conditions in which our company will operate and the availability of raw materials.

With the hope that in a short time everything will get back to normal, we thank you very much for your support during this very challenging situation.