Athena obtains the certification of maximum commercial reliability: "Prime Company" by Cribis

24 January 2023


The distinguished Vicenza-based company celebrates the 50th anniversary by receiving the prestigious CRIBIS award, which certifies it as one of the most reliable commercial entities in the sector.


Alonte (Vicenza), January 24th, 2023 – Athena, a leading company in the production of technical articles and industry leader for automotive capabilities and engines. The leader in distribution of products for sports, two wheels and outdoors, now celebrates its 50th anniversary since its founding, by obtaining the coveted "Prime Company.”

The certificate validates the highest level of economic and commercial reliability of organizations and is promoted by CRIBIS, a CRIF Group company specializing in business details. An inspiring and prestigious honor deriving from the constant commitment of the company's staff.  An objective was set to obtain the award, in fact, the certifying entity uses score models, measuring the solvency and commercial solidity as well as the punctuality in payments of the company.

The calculation is based on the analysis of multiple factors such as balance sheet indicators, payment history, personal data and information relating to legal formalities and a geographical criterion, including company size and seniority. Securing this prestigious recognition is therefore very difficult, only 1.7% of Italian companies manage to qualify for these meticulous requirements drawn up by CRIBIS.

Athena has managed to pass with flying colors with all the parameters of economic and financial reliability in question, becoming one of the few Italian companies, who receive this title every year. The Vicenza-based company thus becomes part of the 120 “Prime Company” associations of the total 75,778 active companies in the province.

Erardo Ratzenbeck

Erardo Ratzenbeck - CEO of Athena

The CEO   of Athena, Erardo Ratzenbeck comments: "We are particularly proud to obtain this umpteenth recognition of reliability and seriousness in the management of the company and management of our finances. In the company we have made the scrupulous analysis of management controls and assets as one of our greatest strengths. I therefore applaud all of our controlling teams and the managers Oboe and Dr. Rinelli for the work done with great passion and dedication."

For Athena, the CRIBIS “Prime Company” is not only an excellent achievement and source of pride, but also a pleasant consolidation in the local and national economy, as well as a consistent and relentless input for the growth of its business. The mission of the Vicenza-based company is to continuously be reliable and a competent partner for customers and suppliers, offering the best solutions in terms of technology, product and service.