Athena confirmed in the 2023 Ducati Official Supplier Program

23 May 2023


Ducati 1

Athena, a company known internationally for making technical articles for motorcycle manufacturers, will once again be one of the Official Ducati Suppliers in 2023. This Program includes a select group of companies that help Ducati, a company based in Borgo Panigale, to develop their vehicles on the race circuits and on the market. Every year, important companies from the motorcycle world participate in this Program.

Their in-depth knowledge of the motorcycle market and constant development of innovative solutions has confirmed Athena, a brand based in the Vicenza area, once again as the most suitable to handle the creation of special electronic and mechanical projects.

The collaboration will be continuing this year on several fronts. In terms of product supply, Athena and Ducati have defined a plan to widely introduce electronic systems for data acquisition designed by the GET technical team, Athena's electronics division. These devices were developed for use in multiple fields, from the early stages of development to road tests, and for different types of service activities. In parallel, Athena helps Ducati by making its test benches available, where they can analyze emissions and test vehicle power to guarantee compliance with current regulations.

Ducati 2

Reconfirming Athena and GET in the Ducati Official Suppliers program will therefore contribute to further increasing visibility and relevance of both brands in the national and international market, and ensuring continuity in the development of innovative new projects.

Athena's Technical Manager, Mirko Ciprian, said, “Through the partnership with Ducati, we have had the opportunity to apply our technologies with custom-made solutions, and this has enhanced our product even more. Thanks to this positive experience, we are working closely with the well-known Italian motorcycle company to implement new technologies and smart devices that can meet the challenges of the future."

Ducati's Field Quality Technician, Giuseppe Locasto, said, “The massive data acquisition program on our prototypes started with Athena a few years ago. We managed to make it into an important, rapidly evolving source of data, and it continues to provide us with valuable information for the development of our bikes. The key factors in achieving this result were the compactness, effectiveness and versatility of the measuring systems that Athena/GET has created for us, and which make it possible to monitor a large fleet of vehicles constantly and comprehensively. The spirit of collaboration, the proactivity and the concreteness that we have found in the Athena technicians have undoubtedly allowed us to develop a project that, due to the depth of the investigation, is able to satisfy our needs from the early stages of development to the after-sales stage.”

Athena and Ducati's know-how and expertise meet once again with the shared goal of improving the performance of the bikes from the Bologna-based company.