Athena is the Italian distributor of Thermobreak® foams

03 January 2022


Athena expands its offer of high-performance insulation foams by signing an exclusive distribution agreement for Thermobreak® products for the Italian market.

Thermobreak® materials were developed in Australia and are manufactured using proprietary physically crosslinked closed cell polyolefin foam technology, invented and commercialised by the Sekisui Chemical group in Japan.

logo thermobreak

These foams are used in extreme conditions, such as in the railway and transit sector, where they find application in AC ducts, AC units and body insulation.

They guarantee high thermal-acoustic insulation, thanks to their special closed cell structure that offers low thermal conductivity (max 0.035 W/mK at 23 ° C), extremely low density (only 25 kg/m3), vapour permeability and water absorption values close to zero.

They also meet the highest fire and smoke classification in major international standards.

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