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Fibreglass rope with silicone coating for heat exchanger hatches


Heat exchangers and Boilers

The boiler and heat exchanger sector is one of the industries with the highest innovation rate.

Companies in the industry have strategic essential aims: to improve performance, reduce consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

The industry continues to grow, thanks to state tax relief programmes that are acting as incentives to consumers and boosting demand 


The main heat exchangers and boilers manufacturers

Customers using this solution are companies specialising in the production of condensing boilers for domestic use and heat exchanger manufacturers. 


Heat exchangers' hatch sealing

Each heat exchanger has a closing hatch that must be tightly sealed and which can be applied to the flange on the exchanger or directly to the door. The application of this seal is critical because inside the exchanger are fumes, gases and high temperatures; for this reason, it is necessary to fit a durable solution. The choice of shape and material are two essential parameters when it comes to guaranteeing resistance to high temperatures and to preventing leaks that could adversely affect the whole system.


special fibreglass rope with HT silicone coating


For these customers, Athena has developed a special fibreglass rope with HT black silicone coating to place inside the hatch so that it adheres perfectly to the exchanger. The inner rope in fibreglass is then coated with black silicone rubber, cut to size and sealed with a hot vulcanised joint. 
The combination of fibreglass and silicone guarantees a high degree of resistance to high temperatures and acids, excellent mechanical characteristics, a high degree of adaptability, maintains flexibility over time, and avoids the need for regular replacements.
Optimum performance is guaranteed from -60° up to 250°C.

Its main features are:

  • Excellent resistance to high temperatures
  • Flexibility and durability
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics
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