combinazione di diverse tecnologie produttive

Assembled system with membrane and safety valve for LPG and methane systems


Gas, methane, LPG, hydrogen fuel systems


For several years, the automotive world has been offering vehicles with alternative fuels, with a greener nature than petrol and diesel.


Despite the recent explosion of hybrid or electric propulsion, the registration of cars powered by LPG or methane is at good levels.


Methane and LPG have a much lower price, compared to traditional fuels, and are still preferred by those who want to keep running costs under control.


Landi Renzo, the clean air company

For over 60 years, Landi Renzo has been providing real and effective solutions to the challenges of environmental sustainability through the sale and installation of systems for the automotive sector based on alternative fuels that are less expensive and better for the environment.


100% Tested parts for the automotive market

The pressure reducer is an important component for the systems and has the function of transforming the LPG from liquid to gaseous, thus reducing its pressure before entering the injectors. The passage is managed by an internal membrane and a safety valve, essential for the correct work of the entire system.
The customer was looking for a single supplier who could supply these items without worrying about their assembly and testing.


An assembled, tested and fully traceable system

Athena has deployed its skills in the combination of different production technologies, to provide the customer with a turnkey service, that is, an assembled system with steel valve, diaphragm, plate and nut, with attention to the smallest details and 100% tested.
Each piece is laser marked with a QR code, to ensure full traceability of the components.

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Gas, methane and LPG systems

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combinazione di diverse tecnologie produttive

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