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Full insulation system for exchanger hatch


Heat Exchangers



The boiler and heat exchanger sector is one of the industries with the highest innovation rate.

Companies in the industry have strategic essential aims: to improve performance, reduce consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

The industry continues to grow, thanks to state tax relief programmes that are acting as incentives to consumers and boosting demand.


Manufacturers of condensing boilers and next-generation heat exchangers

Potential customers are manufacturers of condensing boilers and next-generation heat exchangers who need a package of exchanger insulation products and who are seeking a partner with excellent technological skills and a vast range of material.


Heating exchangers' insulation

Each heat exchanger has a closing hatch that must be tightly sealed and insulated. Application is critical because the exchanger contains fumes, gas, high temperatures and acid condensation. For this reason, a solution is required to guarantee durability over time. The choice of shape and material are two essential parameters when it comes to guaranteeing resistance to high temperatures and to preventing leaks that could adversely affect the whole system.


A complete package for insulation

Athena can propose a full solution to insulate the exchanger hatch, offering: 

  • Burner seal in different materials: ceramic paper, SDC 380 or expanded graphite,
  • Inner insulation in biosoluble fibre or vermiculite,
  • Outer seal on the hatch with rope in silicone-covered fibreglass or packing ring in HT silicone
  • Spark plug seal in graphite or SDC380 material,
  • Visor in ceramic borosilicate glass or quartz,
  • Fan seal in cork and rubber or with clapet valve

Thanks to extensive experience in the heating industry, and to different production technologies in its plants, Athena offers its services as the only partner for the design and production of these parts, based on specific requirements, and offering its own consulting services for the study of material and the best possible shape.

Its main advantages are:

  • Unique partner for the supply of the whole system
  • Design and co-design
  • Combination of several production needs

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