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Insulating and soundproof panels with adhesive magnets


Boilers and heating

The boiler and heat exchanger sector is one of the industries with the highest innovation rate.

Companies in the industry have strategic essential aims: to improve performance, reduce consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

The industry continues to grow, thanks to state tax relief programmes that are acting as incentives to consumers and boosting demand


Italian manufacturer of independent heating systems

The customer is an Italian company that operates in the central and independent heating system industry. After a long period in the world of gas heating, the company has recently set up two new divisions to develop and produce heat pumps and hybrid solutions.


Internal insulation of wall boilers

Wall-mounted boilers need internal facing in insulation material to guarantee maximum soundproofing and increased efficiency. These panels are usually fixed with glue or a biadhesive layer, a lengthy process for operators, which increases the time needed to manufacture every single item. 


Easy assembly and insulation

The customer asked Athena to find a solution that would have similar insulating characteristics but with a faster application process.
Athena devised a special system to install the inner insulation panels using rubber magnets in place of adhesive film or bonding agents. The solution does not impact on the insulation performance since it guarantees the same seal on gastight housings as well as speeding up assembly operations and also any maintenance.

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Thermal insulation panels

We develop insulating solutions and thermal insulation panels to increase energy efficiency and reduce leakages, thanks to our experience and our ability to find the right material.

materiali e termoformati espansi
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Boilers, heat pumps, heating

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