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Insulation covering for boilers


Boiler & home heating

The boiler and heat exchanger sector is one of the industries with the highest innovation rate.


Companies in the industry have strategic essential aims: to improve performance, reduce consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency.


A worldwide leader in domestic heating

Our customer is one of the main manufacturers of boilers in the domestic heating sector in Italy, with numerous branches abroad and over 7 million boilers installed all over the world.


The internal insulation of wall-mounted boilers

Wall-mounted boilers need internal facing in insulation material to guarantee maximum soundproofing and increased efficiency. These panels are usually fixed with glue or a biadhesive layer, a lengthy process for operators, which increases the time needed to manufacture every single item. 
The customer asked us to develop a solution to insulate gas tight housing as well as to limit production and assembly costs.


Preformed polyethylene panels

Athena developed a solution in thermoformed polyethylene that adheres perfectly to the housing without using adhesives or other fastening systems. The particular shape of the panel guarantees excellent tightness and airtightness on the whole system, while using polyethylene is due to the fact that: 
It is a thermoformable material that keeps its shape after cooling; 
it is more cost effective, eco-friendly and light compared to polyurethane, while maintaining comparable heat insulation properties. The panels are cut, heated and then placed under a cold die to give it the finished shape. 
Furthermore, it is recyclable and therefore eco-sustainable, while polyurethane must be disposed of.

I prodotti

Foam materials and thermoformed foam products

We offer a wide range of foam materials that are used for thermal and acoustic insulation, such as polyurethane, polyethylene and anticondensation elastomer. Depending on which material is selected, the expanded material is used as a thermal and acoustic insulation for boilers, machinery protection, compressed-air machine insulation, generator units, engine compartments, cabins and tooling machinery. Depending on the request, these materials may be thermoformed and shaped especially for specific application.

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Boilers, heat pumps, heating

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