valvola moca dalla corte

MOCA-certified relief valve for coffee machine water heater tanks


Food industry - Professional coffee machines

The catering and coffee shop world is protagonist at any time of the day from breakfast to after dinner.

Regardless of the limitations that the sector has suffered in the past year, the catering market is an important one, also thanks to an entire range of machines, equipment and accessories. 

In this scenario, there are also professional coffee machines, a market that is a challenge for Athena, as it requires top performance and reliability, technically solid and safe supplies, advanced logistic systems, production constancy and management of special batches


Dalla Corte, professional coffee machines

Dalla Corte is an international company based in Milan, that makes  top-end, semi-automatic ,professional espresso coffee machines and coffee grinders that are unique from a design, customisation, stylistic and technological point of view. 

Since 2001, the year the company was founded, Dalla Corte has revolutionised the coffee industry, moving focus to the importance of extraction temperature and guaranteeing precise heat constancy to a tenth of a degree in espresso machines.


Availability of MOCA compliant parts

To offer a top quality product, Dalla Corte also needs partners that can guarantee the same standards. This is how its collaboration with Athena began, a company that can offer high qualitative, technological and safety standards
To offer consumers an even higher level product, Dalla Corte is looking for suppliers who can work in compliance with MOCA regulations.
MOCA certification is dedicated to all manufacturers of materials and objects that come into contact with food, that are already in contact with food and are allocated to this purpose, or that may come into contact with food and can transfer their own components to food under normal conditions of use. 


A redesigned safety valve

In this specific application, seal pads inside the valve have been changed, made from a specifically designed material which underwent transfer tests carried out in specialised laboratories.
The test consists of total immersion with repeated contact in distilled water at 100 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. This test confirmed that the valve respects all levels of specific global migration of colouring agents, primary aromatic amines, metals and tetrafluoroethylene, resulting MOCA Compliant thanks to a transfer rate 20% lower than the set limit.
The valve’s brass body also respects regulations, as it is treated with Ruveco®Plus technology, that eliminates lead from surfaces via special baths that chemically remove the metal.
Athena pays maximum attention to these aspects as lead is a toxic contaminant that accumulates in our bodies and can affect human health.

valvola moca dalla corte

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