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Development of a waterproof breather plug with internal membrane 


Power Transmission and gearboxes

The gearbox is commonly used in internal combustion engine vehicles to be able to vary the speed of the vehicle while keeping the engine within an optimal operating regime. It is therefore a key part for the proper functioning of vehicles. Given the close correlation with the automotive world, the motion transmission sector strongly pushes innovation and total quality and for this reason gearbox manufacturers are increasingly demanding.


Famous brand of the 2-wheel market

The customer is a historic brand and one of the most important European manufacturers in the two-wheeler market.


Pressure management inside the gearbox

During operation, all components of a vehicle, including the gearbox, overheat. Due to this heating, the air inside the transmission expands, increasing the internal pressure which could cause oil to leak into the weaker parts of the mechanism.
One of the most used solutions is to insert a vent that allows excess air to escape and restores the initial balance.
However, when the mechanism cools, the vent must be able to function as a kind of lung and let the excess air in. Together with the air, humidity and dust particles could also enter with the risk of altering the lubricant and increasing the risk of corrosion and malfunctions.
This is why the customer asked us for a solution to manage the air inlet / outlet without letting in dust and humidity.


An innovative breather plug

Athena has studied a special aluminum vent with internal labyrinth and hydrophobic filter, which has pores larger than air, but smaller than a drop of water. The system therefore allows air to flow freely in both directions and at the same time create protection against moisture and contaminants.

Its main features are:

  • Small perimeter openings to let out any drops of water that form inside the valve.
  • Anodized aluminum body to avoid impacting the overall weight of the system
  • waterproof level of protection

The same solution can be applied to any transmission with gear reducers, but also to heat engines and electric motors.

I prodotti

Blanking plugs, level sight glasses, vent plugs, and magnetic plugs

Athena offers a wide range of standard or customised solutions, with great experience in oil bath applications, such as reducers, gearboxes and chassis. Turning processes are now accompanied by advanced automatic assembly systems that provide maximum control of the final process. On the website you can consult our offer of blanking plugs, level sight glasses, vent plugs and magnetic plugs.

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trasmissione meccanica del moto


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