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Silicone packing ring for heat exchangers


Heat Exchangers

The boiler and heat exchanger sector is one of the industries with the highest innovation rate.


Companies in the industry have strategic essential aims: to improve performance, reduce consumption and achieve maximum energy efficiency.

The industry continues to grow, thanks to state tax relief programmes that are acting as incentives to consumers and boosting demand.


Leader in the production of heat exchanger for high-efficiency boilers

Our customer is an Italian company at the forefront of copper heat exchanger production for high-efficiency boilers. The company recently launched a new range of single coil exchangers that guarantee constant water speeds for long life cycles, absence of welds, reduced accumulation of dirt and debris, and easy maintenance.


Condensations and high temperatures inside the heat exchanger

Each heat exchanger has a closing hatch that must be tightly sealed. The application of this seal is critical because inside the exchanger are fumes, gases and high temperatures; for this reason, it is necessary to fit a durable solution. The choice of shape and material are two essential parameters when it comes to guaranteeing resistance to high temperatures and to preventing leaks that could adversely affect the whole system. 


Special shape and material for the maximum sealing capacity

For this customer, Athena has developed an HT silicone packing seal specifically to deal with high temperatures. The seal’s special shape follows the form of the exchanger flange.
The packing seal is brown because the mix includes a heat stabilizer (in this case, iron oxide). The silicone used is able to withstand continuous temperatures of up to 250°C, and is therefore perfect for this type of application, given that the typical temperatures in this area of the exchanger are around 150°C. 
The material is also subjected to compression set testing before proceeding to production, a necessary test to certify resistance to ageing.

Main features:

  • Resistance to continuous high temperatures, up to 250°C (300°C peak)
  • High compression set and resistance to ageing
  • Possibility to use the same material for other applications and in other shapes, where resistance to high temperatures is required
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