Athena new partner of Zeus

17 December 2014


Athena signed a multi-year supply contract with Zehus, new business venture born from a project developed by the Politecnico of Milan, which offers a cutting edge propulsion system for pedelec.

The Bike+ All in One projected by Zehus brings three radical innovation to the e-bike’s world: is “all-in-one”, it means that motor, sensors and battery are inside of the rear hub; it can be monitored by a smartphone thanks to anti-theft and online diagnostics functions and it allows to use the bike also in “non-plug-in” mode, saving  40% of  energy, with no neccesity of battery recharge.

Athena has been selected as industrial partner of Zehus thanks to the high quality of products, ISO TS16949 Automottive certificate and to the unique  know-how in mechanical components production which compose E-bike motors, patented by Zehus.

Following this new agreement, Athena empower its knowledge and specializes in the manufacturing of new  complex finished products, creating new business opportunities in the lively market of e-bikes and in green mobility market as well. The new brand will take care of all mechanical parts, final assembly, ending-line tests and client shipment on behalf of Zehus

“Athena’s choice about this new business, as official partner, make us extremely proud and satisfied. It is a result that rewards the total commitment spent to represent our firm as an italian excellence in the world” says Michele Mancassola, Athena marketing manager. “ The partnership with Zehus represents a further challenge that our company want to meet with success. The goal to achieve is to organise the logistics and the assembly line so that we can give the first deliveries of 300 motors within January 2015.”