Engine & motorcycles

Bicycles, motorcycles and motors



A sector that has always been part of Athena’s DNA and where our main distinguishing skills are applied: from development of engine gaskets to the production of complex metal parts, from the execution of cylinders to electronic control to optimise performance as well as to facilitate user-vehicle interaction. 

  • IATF CERTIFICATION to work following the sctrict Automotive standards
  • DESIGN AND CO-DESIGN The research and development division at Athena comes up with the best solutions in terms of materials, shape and production technology, in constant dialogue with customers.
  • DEDICATED CUSTOMER SERVICE which follows our customers from order confirmation to the final delivery

Our expertise deployed

guarnizioni su misura

Our expertise

Customized Gaskets

combinazione di diverse tecnologie produttive

Our expertise

Multiple production technologies


Our expertise

Metalworking services for the production of complex metal parts